New album, ‘The Wood Wide Web’ now available on Spotify and other Digital Stores

Artist: Ian Roland
Album: The Wood Wide Web
Release Date: Fri 24th February 2023

‘The Wood Wide Web’ is a new album of eleven songs I have written during the last two and a bit  years. I have arranged and produced the songs with violinist and gigging partner, Simon Yapp. This album project started in Spring 2020, following the release of the album, ‘Double Rainbow’, subsequently published by production music company, Indiesonics.

The album has experienced various waves of the Covid pandemic and rollout of vaccines; three UK Conservative Prime Ministers; an ongoing cost-of-living crisis; an ongoing War in Europe; the climate crisis deepening as governments around the world fail to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Conceived and developed against this backdrop, the album highlights the power of Nature to rejuvenate, sustain and enrich all life, including our own, if only we gave it the chance to do so.

Joining Simon and I on the ‘The Wood Wide Web’ are musicians from previous albums and EPs, namely Brione Jackson (cello, vocals), Nick Van Vlaenderen (drums) and Jade Woodhouse (cello) together with new recruits, Sarah Davison (cello), and Sarah Louise Harris and Charlotte Griggs who add their vocals to the choir of Simon’s, Brione’s, and my own voices.

The album is available to stream and download from Bandcamp, and Digital Stores and limited copies on CD will be available at gigs in 2023.