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‘Lodestone’ single (digital store release 26th July 2024)

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‘Living in Sound’ single (April 2024)

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“a heartfelt, gorgeously produced success” Obscure Sound. More Reviews >>>

‘The Wood Wide Web’ album (Feb 2023)

“An absolutely incredible album!” BBC Radio Kent
“…even when writing a very human song Ian’s theme is our survival. It’s an album that deserves a wide hearing.” RnR Magazine
“A fantastic new release…” The Mystery Train Radio Show
” ‘The Wood Wide Web’ is a vivid, enthralling celebration of life in all its forms and a lucid love letter to the wilderness…utterly engrossing.” RGM Read full review >>>
“…a stunning sonic reflection of the relationship between nature and modern society.” Plastic Read full review >>>
“Warm, tender and completely absorbing…” Indiesonics
“…imposing production values…quality roots music” FATEA

Gold In The Dust (single) from ‘The Wood Wide Web’

Beyond Words (single) from ‘The Wood Wide Web’

“Excellent songwriting…A great song about such an important subject…” Doug Welch, BBC Radio Kent

Nothing Could Grow There (single) from ‘The Wood Wide Web’

“highly recommended, delicate and beautiful…” FATEA Magazine

Double Rainbow (album) (Indiesonics, 2020)

Download album ‘Double Rainbow’ (Feb 2020) from Bandcamp. “It’s an old myth that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but seek out this one and you’ll be well-rewarded.” Mike Davies, Folk Radio (Feb 2020)

Other Recordings

How That Dust Jumps (album)

Download album ‘How That Dust Jumps’ (April 2015) from Bandcamp. Included in Americana UK’s ‘Writers Best Of 2015’. “… songs that define the word earworm…” R. Scutt, FATEA.

Suitcase – a live collection (live album)

Download album Suitcase – a live collection (July 2016) from Bandcamp. “A great collection of songs full of heart”, Baylen Leonard, Amazing Radio.

Helicopter (ep)

Download EP Helicopter (Jan 2014) from Bandcamp …”a delightful gem to be sought out and listened to…” Keith Hargreaves, Americana UK.