Ian Roland & The Subtown Set are songwriter and guitarist, Ian Roland, joined by Simon Yapp, on fiddle and Jade Woodhouse, on cello. Unique #Folk #AltFolk #SoulFolk #FolkPop #Songwriting, with a nod to the classical and an embrace of three-part harmonies. They are based in Brighton, UK.

Since 2015, when Ian and Simon started performing live as a duo and now a trio, with Jade on cello, they have played 300+ gigs in and around Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, London, Sussex and Kent, supporting acts such as Martin Simpson, The Black Feathers, Stick In The Wheel, TV Smith. The band are currently finishing their album, and the first single, ‘In The Darkness’, is due for release 2nd November 2019.

In 2018 the band released an EP called ‘The Valley’. Here’s a video to go with the title track…

The Valley

Download EP The Valley (Feb 2018) from Bandcamp “The sound of modern indie-folk pushing into pop realms, commercial sounds reminding us that there are other, better, more articulate and more emotive ways of doing things than just creating a sound to chase the money.”, Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

Day Became You

Download EP Day Became You (Jan 2017) from Bandcamp. “Take time to absorb the highly infectious music. Hear once and this will remain fixed in your head for days.”, Tim Carroll, Folkwords.

How That Dust Jumps

Download album How That Dust Jumps (April 2015) from Bandcamp. Included in Americana UK’s ‘Writers Best Of 2015’. “… songs that define the word earworm…” R. Scutt, FATEA.

Suitcase – a live collection

Download album Suitcase – a live collection (July 2016) from Bandcamp. “A great collection of songs full of heart”, Baylen Leonard, Amazing Radio.


Download EP Helicopter (Jan 2014) from Bandcamp …”a delightful gem to be sought out and listened to…” Keith Hargreaves, Americana UK.