‘Living in Sound’ – New single release – April 2024

‘Living in Sound’ is my first single release of 2024. Music creates communities and lifts us above the grind and toil. With evermore grassroots music venues closing due to the current economic crisis for small businesses, and yet more stadium music concerts generating huge revenues, this song speaks for a re-distribution of profits so that the UK music industry becomes sustainable and has a future. A general re-evaluation of what is truly valuable and sustaining for the world, would be good too. Music and the Arts are important. They question and challenge the status quo. We are all ‘Living In Sound’, wanting the chance to not only just exist but to live equally valued lives, in tune with our environment. This song is about still having “the strength to believe”. It is about singing in chorus with our natural environment and each other and in so doing, forming a new reality.

Digital Store releases April 26, 2024 Pre-save here!
Ian Roland – vocals, guitar
Dave Coomber – bass
James Chapman – drums
Mishkin Fitzgerald – piano, keyboards, backing vocals
Simon Yapp – violin, viola, backing vocals

Song by Ian Roland
Recorded at Brighton Road Recording Studios by Jake Skinner
Mastered at Subvert Central Mastering by Bob Macciochi
© 2024 Ian Roland